Friday, December 2, 2011

Intraday mcx and ncdex trading tips

MCX Tips: Gold and silver is consolidate trend After the initial decline in the copper that is showing some improvement.
Gold resistance levels: 29450, 29750
Gold support levels: 28900, 28700

NCDEX Tips:Guar is weak start today. Guar futures are trading at half percent decline. Gram continues to pressure from too many sessions. Gram has opened flat today.
Soybean still continues to crash on Thursday. Turmeric has been quiet in the beginning. The red pepper has seen a decline of 1.25 percent.


Neha Agrawal said...

Stock market represents volatility in price of stock. Stock price can fluctuate at anytime. Traders should keep track such changes timely. MCX Tips update traders with such changes and enable traders to cope up with it.

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