Friday, November 25, 2011

Commodity ncdex trading tips

SOYABEAN (DEC 11) is consolidate trend, trader may buy soyabean RESISTANCE : 2290 and above this levels 2330 else sell soyabean SUPPORT : 2205 and below this levels 2160
CHANA (DEC) trend is consolidate trader may buy chana RESISTANCE : 3430 and above this levels 3495 else sell chna SUPPORT : 3300 and below this levels 3230
GUARSEED (DEC 11) is consolidate trend, trader may buy guarseed RESISTANCE : 5015 and above this levels 5115 else sell guarseed SUPPORT : 4825 and below this levels 4730
JEERA (DEC) trend is Bearish trader may buy turmeric RESISTANCE : 14150 and above this levels 14420 else sell gold SUPPORT : 13650 and below this levels 13400


aditi said...

Useful updates on agricultural commodities like soyabean, chana, jeera can be gained from this post. NCDEX updates are shared live by epic research as well.

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